Eyelash Tinting Services For Medicine Hat

It can be difficult to get those hard to reach places such as the root when using regular mascara. When you look downwards, the top of your lashes always appear lighter than the underside. To solve this embarrassing issue, we recommend eyelash tinting. At Razor's Edge Salon & Spa, we offer eyelash tinting services to men and women of Medicine Hat who want natural looking, darker eyelashes.

Tinting your eyelashes will make them look thick, full and luscious without using any makeup! If you want your lashes looking naturally dark and thick, this is the right service for you. You will shave of minutes in the morning when doing your makeup, and will probably save money by not needed to buy as much mascara to use on your lashes anymore.

How Does Eyelash Tinting Work?

When you come to our salon, our friendly lash experts will first ensure that your lashes are clean and free of any excess dirt, oil or makeup that may have remained on your eyelashes. They will then coat your lashes with a vegetable glycerine based formula after prepping the surrounding skin with a protector so that it does not get stained. The tinting itself lasts less than 10 minutes, and after it is gently rinsed off, you are ready to go.

At our salon, we only use the highest quality ingredients that are salon certified and irritant-free. We ensure that we abide by the highest standard of quality and cleanliness so that our clients from Medicine Hat can rest assured knowing that your salon experience is clean, safe, and relaxing.

We believe that our clients deserve consistent, high quality services at an affordable price. That is why we are always open to consulting with our clients about their lifestyle, budget and beauty goals so that we can come up with the best service possible for them.

Who Should get Their Eyelashes Tinted?

Eyelash tinting is ideal for those people who lead busy lives with full, active schedules. If you spend a lot of time exercising, chasing around kids, and going from place to place, eyelash tinting provides an easy, low solution for you. The great thing is that results lasts up to 6 weeks so that you barely have to worry about touchups. Having to use less makeup is also a plus, as this will make you look younger and more natural. Not to mention, having to buy less mascara is less harmful to the environment as well because it creates less waste!

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With all of the aforementioned benefits to eyelash tinting, it’s easy to see why so many of our Medicine Hat clients ask for it. If you have sensitive eyes, it is best to consult with a professional prior to booking your appointment. To find out more about the benefits and prices of eyelash tinting, call our salon today! We can’t wait to help make your life easier with this simple, painless service. We look forward to hearing from you.